Markus Honvehlmann

» RWTH Aachen (Dipl.-Phys., Cand. BWL)
» WHU, Kellog (Vallendar, Chicago) (M.B.A.)

Functional Expertise:
» Start-Up Management
» Management and Corporate Governance
» Organization, Organizational Development
» Process- and Project Management
» ESG-Standards and Formalities
» Sustainable Finance

Background Management Consulting:
» micobo, Frankfurt
» Wepex Unternehmensberatung, Frankfurt
» Confero Consulting, Düsseldorf
» Debis Systemhaus
» Deutsche Börse AG

Start-Ups, Management and Leadership:
» Business Angel bei micobo GmbH, Frankfurt
» Ethos Unternehmensberatung, München
» Wepex Unternehmensberatung, Frankfurt
» Confer consulting, Düsseldorf
» Complaix Systemhaus, Aachen

» Sustainablity Manager (ongoing qualification)

» Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
» Keppler Verlag (Börsenzeitung)

Industry expertise:
» Banking and Financial Institutions
» Bonds and Securities Institutes, Stock Exchange, Central Securities Depository
» Asset Management
» IT-Companies
» Private Equity / M&A

Leisure time:
Gardening, Sports, History