Organizational Development

Sustainability requires knowledge and and know-how!

We qualify and train your managers and employees.

We qualify and train your managers and employees.

Sustainability requires knowledge and know-how
  • What implies sustainability and climate change?
  • What means sustainability for our company?
  • What statutory requirements will be relevant for us?
  • How to manage sustainability in our company?
Training program sustainabilty management
  • Introduction to climate change and sustainability
  • CSRD/ESRS – European reporting requirements
  • Development of a sustainability strategy and positioning
  • Transition from financial accounting to sustainability accounting
  • Measures to increase sustainability
  • Incorporation of sustainability in our company
Physical presence workshops und web-based online trainings

Setup your sustainability team!

With a competent team you will secure a powerful sustainabilty management and an efficient sustainability organization.


  • Development and implementation of a sustainability strategy
  • Installation of a sustainabilty team
  • Development and management of strategic sustainability measures in close collaboration with the management and specialist departments
  • Definition of operative sustainabilty targets and measures (incl. KPI) in close collaboration with specialist departments
  • Management and overall coordination of sustainabilty activities in various company functions and departments (e.g. stakeholder management, sourcing, alignment of processes)
  • Continous reporting and counselling of the company`s management board
  • Gathering and evaluation of internal/external requirements (e.g. legal statutories, customers, employees)
  • Investigation, management, implementation and progress monitoring of sustainabilty potentials
  • Sensitization and training of employees
  • Contribution to the company´s sustainabiltiy reporting