Strategy Development

Sustainabilty goes beyond compliance to statutory disclosure requirements!

We support you to identify impacts, risks and opportunities, unleash your potentials, integrate your stakeholders and develop a competitive and strong sustainable business model.


Shareholder Value

Self Perception

  • Financial success is the supreme company objective
  • Increasing the company and market value
  • Conventinal allocation of nature, people, resources to achieve economical success
  • Focus on Shareholder Value


  • No challenge of the business model
  • Subordinate, opportunistic, „compliant“ approach
  • One-on-one activities in the domains of ecology, social, governance & economics
  • Low level of integration
  • Low level of proactivity

Stakeholder Value
„Productivity & Growth“

Self Perception

  • Financial success, ecological and social company objectives are equally followed in coexistence
  • Management integration of ecological, social and governance & economical interests of important stakeholders
  • Focus on Stakeholder Value


  • Extension of the business model towards sustainability
  • Improvement of produvtivity & growth with sustainability
  • Medium level of integration (definition of KPIs, compliance with minimum standards)
  • Medium level of proactivity

System Value
„Brand & Pioneer“

Self Perception

  • Companies focus on socially efficient sustainability solutions
  • Equal incorporation of ecological, social  and financial company objectives
  • Aligning products & services for common and society welfare
  • Focus on System Value (value creation for common welfare)


  • Innovative business models (pioneers)
  • Active brand management with sustainabilty
  • Climate protection as an integral component of business management
  • High level of integration
  • High level of proactivty


Prioritize and manage your relevant fields of action!

Concentrate your strength. The proper tool is the materiality assesssment. We are the experts in selecting and applying appropriate instruments and tools.

  • Consistent process to identify, evaluate and prioritize relevant sustainability aspects and fields of action
  • Backbone of sustainabilty management and reporting


  • 1. Step: Identification of relevant fields of action in the company
  • 2. Step:  Prioritization of relevant fields of action with support of internal and external stakeholders
  • 3. Step: Visualization of prioritized fields of action via materiality matrix

Principle of „Double Materiality“

  • Analysis of business impacts and company activities on people and environment. Impact Materiality (Inside-Out Perspektive)
  • Analysis of impacts of sustainabilty aspects on the company´s financial performance. Financial Materiality (Outside-In Perspektive)

Utilize the stakeholder dialogue to unleash your potential!

We support an efficient preparation, organization, execution and documentation of your stakeholder analysis.


Objectives of a stakeholder dialogue
  • Detect the interests of your stakeholders
  • Information gathering
  • Identification of material fields of actions
  • Trust building and enhancement of acceptance
  • Promotion of internal understanding and comprehension (e.g. health & safety, stakeholder concerns)
  • Recognition of own strength and weaknesses
  • Possibilty to exert influence
Opportunities of a stakeholder dialogue
  • Incorporation of stakeholder know-how (e.g. in product development)
  • Prevention of conflicts (risk management)
  • Opportunity for a longterm collaboration
  • Identification of key aspects, trend observation
  • Feedback from an external point of view
  • Early perception of interests