Target Customers

  • Our customers are entrepreneurs, board members, managing directors and managers of medium-sized companies and organizations. Our industry focus includes: automotive industry, consumer goods industry, textile and fashion industry, manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail industry, technology companies plus public organizations and institutions.
  • Our customers face special situations of radical change in the context of legal sustainability requirements, turnaround and restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, cooperations, spin-offs from conglomerates, company successions and other business ventures, our customers find themselves in a phase of extra-ordinary management challenges.
  • Our customers pursue a strategic, organizational and sustain­able realignment of their business activities. They are requested to adapt their business model, to align their company strategy and for a consequent implementation to adjust their corporate governance structures, to adapt their company organization, to redesign their processes and to actively support cultural change. The realignment requires a holistic management approach.
  • Our customers favor an integrative approach involving and activating the knowledge of involved managers, key employees and partners. They seek a support in content, sustainability and methodology for business model adjustments, strategy design, organizational development and business process re­engi­neering. They seek a partner for a consequent progress monitoring and tracking of identified measures and projects.


  • Our extensive consulting and project expertise provides a professional support in both the development and imple­men­tation of concepts.
  • Our understanding of consulting is pragmatic, realistic and delivers concrete, measurable results.
  • Our project work provides transparency in complex situations and stresses the right accents for the further procedure.
  • Our consulting approach enjoys high acceptance by your personnel, brings rapid success in implementation and assures sustainable improvement.
  • In the course of our cooperation, your personnel are provided with professional methods and special knowledge (learning by doing).
  • For specific challenges ant tasks we are available as sparring partners or as interim managers.
  • Our consulting philosophy guarantees you an efficient use of consulting time, transparent budgets and an attractive cost/benefit relationship.
  • Our desire to create a long-term partnership adds to empathy and trust.