„Strategy Coach for Family Businesses“

Future-proof strategies for family businesses

  • Medium-sized family businesses today often face multiple disruptive changes, internationalization, increasing costs, competitive pressure and the growing digitalization of business models. The traditional business models of family businesses are threatened and increasingly under pressure.
  • Furthermore, in the near future many family businesses will be challenged to prepare and manage their company and managment succession. They face the huge challenge to adapt their management and shareholder structure regarding the scheduled alternation of generations. 

Situation of radical change and company succession

  • Ever since it´s founding in 2016, Terrahe & Associates has been committed to medium-sized companies, especially family businesses, and provides professional support in situations of radical change and company successions.
  • Terrahe & Associates offers customized solutions for family businesses, whose business models are threatened, who want to grow and work on a future-proof company perspective, who want to prepare an appropriate shareholder and management structure for the next generation and contemplate onboarding external investors.
  • The approach of Terrahe & Associates is based on an individual strategy-coaching of the company management, is pragmatic and operative integrative, with a deep understanding for difficult and cross-generation family constellations. Terrahe & Associates relies on a a network of well-experienced specialists, who can be included for special tasks.